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Caribbean Pirates


romantic-pirate 500Thinking about yesteryears Caribbean, the images of shipwrecks and pirates go together. No wonder that all of our Shipwreck Shops have a large selection of Pirate gear available. If you feel the need to look like a tough guy from far back, Shipwreck will be able to provide you with a complete outfit.

And don't worry too much about the armed pirate guarding our main store on Front Street in Philipsburg: during daytime, he is just a statue, known to be very patient with visitors taking photos with him. Some people swear that they see a smirk when he gets kissed by a pretty lady... The rumor that the Shipwrecked Pirate is roaming Philipsburg's streets at night in search of a bottle of rum is unfounded, as we at Shipwreck know that our Pirate is committed to protecting our store diligently.

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