A complete selection of Caribbean spices to dress up your spice rack and to give your food that distinct island flavor.

A blend of spices brought to the Caribbean in centuries past by sailors from the east. Add an exotic curry flavor to vegetable or meat dishes during cooking for the spirit of the Antillean Islands.
When you can't be in the islands, bring the authentic flavor of Jamaican Jerk to your kitchen. Rub on chicken, pork or beef one hour before grilling.
Create chicken dishes with island attitude. Rub on chicken or poultry one hours before grilling or cooking to enjoy an island favorite.
A special Caribbean blend of spices to enhance the fruit of the sea. Coat fish, shrimp or shellfish 30 minutes before grilling, sautéing or broiling.
A blend of spices and salt to add Caribbean Style to any dish. Use this delicious blend anywhere salt is used, before or after cooking.
An exotic blend of black pepper and herbs for a calypso beat in your cooking. Spice up any vegetable dish, or add flavor to chicken, fish, beef or pork.
Fill your kitchen with the real BBQaroma from the islands. Rub on chicken, pork of beef, one hour before grilling, for the authentic island BBQ flavor.
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